The Dame of Design – Zaha Hadid

“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” – Zaha Hadid

If you live in this century, have Internet access and are just a bit interested about architecture, you must have heard about the great futuristic architect Zaha Hadid.

Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid was born 31 October 1950. She is the first woman to be awarded with highly prestigious architecture awards, the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Design Museum Design of the Year Award and from 2015 is a proud owner of RIBA Gold Medal. She has designed lots of buildings around the world, and is famous for her neofuturistic style. On the day of her death, I’m here to honor her life and her contribute to fashion.

She said “Architecture is how the person places herself in the space. Fashion is about how you place the object on the person.”

For multiple years she collaborated with number of jewelry designer houses such as Swarovski, Caspita, Georg Jensen, Aziz and Walid Mouzannar etc…

She has designed bracelets, rings, necklaces and even shoes to remember her by. That was her gift to the fashion world. A lot of fashion houses have tried to make futuristic collections, clothes and accessories, and my opinion is that they are not as pretty and as wearable as Zaha’s. Because when you experiment with that style, you have to consider one major thing : commodity. You need to ask yourself “Is this thing wearable?”

See how this necklace from her collaboration with Swarovski in 2008 and the cuff blend in the outfit and makes it whole.

These shoes are the product of a collaboration between Zaha and Brazilian footwear brand Melissa. They are asymmetrical, fluid, eco-friendly and from customers’ reviews very comfortable! What more do you need?

These super chic heels are called “Flames”. Designed for United Nude, the shoes took about 24 hours to 3D print. Modern technology right here! They are not for everyday, but they sure make a statement!

Let’s get back to the jewelry.

Such a beautiful bracelet!

I love how her accessories designs resemble her buildings, and it’s easy to notice that they are designed by her. She really has made herself a unique style to be known by.

And how cool are these rings? You won’t need any other accessory to complete the outfit, they are enough by themselves.

Thank you Zaha Hadid for being a great architect and also designer and woman of the world! I hope in future lots of people will wear her jewelry and continue to be inspired by her architectural success.

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea