Desigual FallWinter 2016

The oh-so-colorful Desigual strikes again! The Spanish brand’s FallWinter 2016 collection was full of patterns, colors and berets! They used darker colors than the previous collections. For the hair, the stylists at Desigual decided on simple straight hair.


I can’t think of any other brand that plays so well with colors and patterns and they mix it in such way that the clothes look very chic and playful.


The boots were all above the ankle. In the collection you can see lots of flowers and  geometrical patterns and very beautifully combined strong colors.


The outfit on the picture below is my favorite! The beret, the coat, the tights, the boots… Ahh, I’m inlove!


La vida es chula! I love you Desigual, and thank you for this wonderful collection!

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea