Chloé Spring Summer 2021

When designing clothes, one must think of functionality. Fashion is wearable form of art, and it needs to be presented as such. The great late Bill Cunningham, the pioneer of street style photography and the person Anna Wintour dressed for, once said ‘Real Fashion is on the streets. Always has been, always will be.’ The creative team behind Chloé with their Spring Summer 2021 collection are showing us that streets are indeed the best runway and high fashion can be part of our everyday lives.

Presented within the monumental courtyard of the Palais de Tokyo, the models were first seen walking on the banks of River Seine, chatting with each other or crossing the street looking busy and talking on their phones. It represents everyday life situations, and not just in Paris, around the world. The idea behind the presentation was to show the natural way models would walk, not as a character in a fashion show, but as themselves, so we can all resonate with them and imagine ourselves wearing the collection on our way to conquer the day.

Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the creative director of the house, decided to call the collection ‘A Season in Hope‘. The bohemian style, known to the house was present in this show, along with pieces with hopeful slogans which were a result of a collaboration between the house and the estate of the late artist Corita Kent. Chloé never disappoints when it comes to accessories. Comfortable open toe sandals, wide colourful belts, and attention-grabbing handbags made the collection even more interesting and lively.

In these uncertain times that we live in, in the middle of a pandemic, a little speck of hope is very welcomed. It may come as a feeling, a state or mind, or as a slogan on a Chloé dress. Either way it will cheer us up.

Yours fashionably,
Mademoiselle Matea