Brandon Maxwell Fall 2020 Ready-To-Wear

The place is New York, the year is 2015 and the brand is Brandon Maxwell. Emerging on the Big Apple’s fashion scene from being Lady Gaga’s fashion director, Brandon Maxwell has been establishing his place in the luxurious world ever since.

Inspired by family and friends, and guided by the urge to create practical and beautiful day to night uniform for women who (are trying to) have it all, family, career and social life, Brandon is slowly but surely making sure his name is well remembered and often worn.

If there’s something that we know about Brandon by studying his work is that he is an exceptional colour coordinator, his footwear and accessories are impeccably stylish and he is making modern yet wearable clothing, which in these days seems to be very hard to achieve.

Fast forward 5 years and we’re seeing yet another of Brandon’s creations. The period is New York Fashion Week, the year is 2020, the place is American Museum of Natural History, the collection is Brandon Maxwell FallWinter 2020. It’s the place to be and the designer to follow.

Playing with earthy tones whilst showing off tortoise print, the colour scheme is perfectly matched with the venue. The theme of the collection is travel, so the focus is mainly on the bags, the shoes and the coats. We can also see the elegant side of him in the flowy dresses, which resemble beautiful wild mountain flowers, one can find so unexpectedly in nature.

Photos: Filippo Fior /

In a time when people would do anything to stand out, Brandon is creating clothes to blend with nature. Blending in by wearing these clothes, one truly and gracefully stands out.

Yours Fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea