Alexander Wang FallWinter 2016

Variety of designs, materials, colors, shapes and lengths.


Alexander Wang is a making a name for himself and is here to set trends. The outfits, marijuana prints, and the hip hop music in the background made the FallWinter 2016 show favorite among the people with urban style.


There were lots of mini skirts, black tights, hats and fake fur details. Also notice the bag on the picture above. Who wouldn’t want it? 😉


In the collection there are lots of sweaters, sweater weather, right? The footwear was flat for all urban princesses out there ready to take over the world.


Anna Ewers wore the cutest little black dress. Also I liked the metal accessories, they add life and roughness to the whole outfit.


Look at the details! <3

Alexander Wang is here to stay!

Yours fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea