Hello beautiful fashionsitas, fashion lovers, observers, enthusiasts, bloggers and everybody reading this. I’m a 20 years old Mademoiselle, who is in love with Fashion and this is my way to express my love and gratitude towards the industry where there are no boundaries, dreams come true, and heels are high.

The idea behind Moda 365 is to take you on a journey of Fashion’s yesterday, today and tomorrow. It started out as an Instagram account, I was watching the Chanel Airlines Spring 2016 show online and as always I was stunned by the clothes and accessories. Since Chanel is my favorite fashion house, I decided to make an Instagram account and to post photos from Chanel. I did that and then I saw a very beautiful Diane Von Futsenberg Spring 2016 dress, and I told to myself, “Chanel is a never-ending brand, the most luxurious of them all, but it’s a branch on the tree of Fashion.” And that’s how Moda 365 was born.

As New York Fashion Week started, and Fall Winter 2016 collections are about to be presented, I will make sure to update on the shows and I hope you will like my posts.

Yours Fashionably,

Mademoiselle Matea